2021 Lincoln Aviator

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2021 Lincoln Aviator: The best in luxury and performance

The Lincoln Aviator has earned a prestigious place among utility vehicles. And its 2021 edition continues to do so, offering refinement and sophistication. Many features make the Lincoln both innovative and curiously familiar.

The Aviator is a magnificent SUV with a beautifully elongated body and an interior that combines high-tech and vintage themes better than any of its competitors. It's a love letter to the Lincolns of the 60s, from the sports car silhouette to the sumptuous interior.

Travel in comfort and style

One of the essential features of the Lincoln Aviator 2021 concept is the comfort of the cabin. The spacious cabin, legroom and comfortable seat trim materials make long car trips a more than enjoyable experience.

At the heart of the dashboard, rather than the traditional transmission lever, the push buttons control the automatic transmission. To top it all off are the comfort and entertainment controls, including a large display screen with touch controls.

The 14-speaker Audio Revel Ultima 3d audio system gives new meaning to music on the road, allowing for a more balanced sound distribution and a quality that a live concert can only reproduce. What's more, the entertainment center in this Lincoln is equipped with a highly intuitive operating system.

In addition to all of the above, the Lincoln Aviator gets a traction system that allows for a smooth and continuous ride in all road conditions. The smooth ride of this SUV is another asset for comfort, all based on efficient response and precise movements.

Nothing beats the Lincoln Aviator when it comes to driving.

One of the secrets to Lincoln's success in the world of sport utility vehicles is the ability to balance performance and efficiency. Few models can achieve this balance, as well as the 2021 Lincoln Aviator.

The Lincoln Aviator's handling and smooth ride set it apart from its competitors. This is due largely to the adaptive suspension, whose primary purpose is to provide continuous motion without placing additional stress on the engine. This suspension uses sensors to predict the road ahead and maximize suspension travel and response, resulting in a smoother vehicle response.

Besides, quick shifting and precise steering ensure a smooth ride regardless of driver experience.

Impressive mechanics

The Lincoln Aviator is equipped with a powerful 400 horsepower 6-cylinder engine that generates 415 pound-feet of torque to maximize performance. With the 10-speed SelecShift automatic transmission, that's all the vehicle needs to get through even the most unstable terrain.

A total of five driving modes are on the menu: Normal, Preserve, Excite, Slippery and Deep -- and can be selected via the rotary knob on the centre console.

Space for seven passengers, the comfort of a premium sedan, and an exceptional ride - these are the qualities that make the Lincoln Aviator the perfect balance of luxury and performance.

Things to remember

  • 400 hp V6 b turbo engine
  • Lightweight hybrid version available
  • 10-speed automatic transmission
  • AWD
  • Space for 7 passengers
  • Optional adaptive suspensions
  • Revel audio system offered
  • Optional Lincoln CoPilot or CoPilot Plus
  • Track maintenance assistance
  • Dynamic Lincoln Lighting
  • Lincoln Embrace Keyless Access System
  • Heated and cooled seats
  • Towing package available

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